Reproducible research using R Markdown – an introduction course to R

Topics: Data management, descriptive statistics, and visualization in R

  • He Zhang, statistician
  • Campus US, Entrance 50, floor 10, Forum Östergötland
  • 20 juni 2023
  • 10.00 - 16.00
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10:00-12:00 Lecture and Exercise

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

13:00-15:00 Lecture and Exercise

15:00-16:00 Q & A

Target group:

Employees at Region Östergötland and Linköping university


Free of charge


Data management:

  1. How to subset dataset both by observations and by variables
  2. How to count number of distinct values
  3. How to create a new variable e.g. categorize a continuous variable into different levels
  4. How to change variable names
  5. How to change/add variable labels
  6. How to sort datasets
  7. How to obtain a summarized statistic e.g. max value, mean value, median, quartiles, IQR by group.
  8. How to merge different datasets based on one or multiple variables
  9. How to import e.g. an Excel or SPSS dataset to R

Descriptive statistics:

Create a presentation-ready table with population characteristics in summarized statistics

Perform statistical tests on characteristics over groups.


1.      Scatterplot for continuous variables

2.      Boxplot for continuous variable by groups

3.      Stacked and unstacked barcharts

4.      Spaghetti plot for repeated measurements

Note: We are planning to repeat the course in the autumn, if the number of applicants is larger than the number of places.


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